Difficult Puzzle?

This is a great, if unorthodox puzzle.

We all know that the gain of a tempo in the opening provides a good advantage; we all know that the gambit of material is very often more than compensated for by better development. Well, in this position, black has not moved a piece and white has a dream completion of their opening.

Using your favourite chess program at its strongest level, it is a good test to see if you can win with white from this position. There is no unique solution, rather, it is a case of attacking with strong initiative and opening lines.

An 1900 rated player should have little difficulty, a 1700 player should win with care. Below 1500, there is a danger that too passive play will mean that black is allowed to catch up with development and go on to win.

It is a good test of your chess understanding and will benefit to persevere until you can win comfortable; maybe in a couple of different lines.