Killer Grand Prix DVD

Killer Grand Prix DVD presented by Gawain Jones comes from the Ginger GM stable so I had strong expectations. I have replayed much of this DVD several times, not because the material is so engaging, rather because I realise that I had nodded off so had to wind it back.

Don’t get me wrong, the video is very relevant but I am afraid that Gawain’s monotone, humourless delivery is very soporific and a far cry from Simon Williams who generally leaves me raring to go for my next game. I can’t help but continue the comparison by saying the Simon leaves the viewer with a clear understanding of the particular opening principles but in this case, a bit more work is needed by the student in order to formulate them.

The material does cover enough lines to provide an overall feeling for the opening and enough confidence to give it a whirl but it doesn’t provide much more incite than would a well chosen selection of annotated games. Gawain is in the high 2600s and has claimed a number of impressive scalps with the opening so his suitability to prepare a DVD on this interesting anti-Sicilian are unquestionable but engaging presenter he is not. I may be slightly more careful buying DVDs from Ginger GM in the future that aren’t presented by Simon himself, whose charm can make just about any opening look attractive, but I don’t begrudge supporting them and five hours of Grandmaster tuition for less than a tenner can hardly be classed as poor value!

Not without significance if you are interested in playing the opening but not dazzling either.