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In chess, the ‘touch-move rule’ states: If a player (whose turn it is to move) touches one of his pieces, it must be moved if it has a legal move. In addition, if a piece is picked up and released on another square, the move must stand if it is a legal move. If an […]

Five Stages of Grief

There are said to be five stages of Loss and Grief: Shock and Denial; Anger; Dialogue and Bargaining; Depression and Detachment; Acceptance. Loss of a loved one aside, nowhere do these apply more than to a game of chess. Shock and Denial A few moves ago, you had a great position and everything was going […]

Win From Nowhere

A film sequence that has always stuck in my mind, as an admirer of both chess Grandmasters  and secret agents, is from the Bond movie ’From Russia with love’. The Arch Villain is playing in a Grandmaster tournament in Venice when he receives a glass of water on a paper coaster. When he takes a […]

Bad Losers

I used, too many years ago to count, to play in the Birmingham League which had a 40 move time control at which point, a player had the right to adjourn the game and seal a move. For those not familiar, this means that one player makes a move but instead of playing it on […]

Blind Leading the Blind

When I play blindfold chess, the first four or five moves that characterize the opening don’t present too much of a problem, and I am reasonably okay when the game resolves to King and pawn versus King, or King and Rook versus King, but I have to admit, I have to look at the board […]

Enter the Dragon

Not long after I had learned to play chess, in the wake of the 1972 World Championship that immortalized Bobby Fischer not just to the Chess community but to the entire World, I remember going to watch ‘Enter the Dragon’ which brought the equally iconic Bruce Lee to our attention. On exit from the cinema, […]