Author: Kevin Gallagher

Bad Losers

I used, too many years ago to count, to play in the Birmingham League which had a 40 move time control at which point, a player had the right to adjourn the game and seal a move. For those not familiar, this means that one player makes a move but instead of playing it on […]

Blind Leading the Blind

When I play blindfold chess, the first four or five moves that characterize the opening don’t present too much of a problem, and I am reasonably okay when the game resolves to King and pawn versus King, or King and Rook versus King, but I have to admit, I have to look at the board […]

Enter the Dragon

Not long after I had learned to play chess, in the wake of the 1972 World Championship that immortalized Bobby Fischer not just to the Chess community but to the entire World, I remember going to watch ‘Enter the Dragon’ which brought the equally iconic Bruce Lee to our attention. On exit from the cinema, […]

Wei Yi

Why? Well, it IS my favourite chess game since I started playing chess again; a win by my new favourite player. But mostly, it is to get this game viewer working. Hover over squares to see the available functions – very cool!

Play Like Tal – Simon Williams

I really enjoy watching the highly entertaining (and instructional!) Blitz games by Simon Williams on YouTube, it is always a pleasure when my phone pings to inform that he has added another. Since there is no contribution mechanism, I thought that I should at least buy something from him so I sent for his ‘Play Like Tal’ double DVDs. […]

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